Standard Price List

Rewire Price List

In General

Where no fixed price has been agreed the billing time starts from when we arrive on site and ends when we leave site. Time taken to unload / load equipment, unload materials, tidy up and make visits to the suppliers is all chargeable time as these are all activities relating to the job.

Additional Cost

When billing by the hour the standard prices stated above are for labour only and do not cover the cost of any materials or certification. These are all charged as extras. Certification is charged as an extra as it takes time to complete the paper work. Generally, the cost of carrying out the paper work task to produce a certificate will be charged at £35 per paper work activity. The paperwork is generally completed at the office.

Price matching

We do not price match or beat other quotes from other electricians / tradesman or the local handyman, as this is in most cases is a race to the bottom. If you pay cheap, you pay twice, or if it’s done quick, it’s done twice. There's no such thing as a bargain or a good deal when it comes to physical labour unfortunately. 


Full Payment is strictly due on completion of the work(s). If the  job is a larger project then multiple staged payments will be required. The number of staged payments will depend on the scale of the project.  Payments can either be made by Bank Transfer (BACS) or cash payments. Our preferred method of payment is via Bank Transfer (BACS).

Guaranteed Quality

All work carried out by Cosmos Electriclas comes with a 5 year warranty on workmanship and a standard 12 month warranty an all materials supplied.